Miguel Wiels: ’ ‘ What s the Pressure ’ is similar to other number ’

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The news journal writes this morning about an alleged accusation of plagiarism of the Belgian Eurovision entry this year, What’s the Pressure.

The newspaper CITES Miguel Wiels, known as a producer of numerous Studio 100-songs, which in our Eurovision Song very remarkable similarities with the song Sax of the British singer Fleur East. “The numbers seem to be similar to be coincidence,” says Walker. ‘ The underlying runs in the two songs are undeniably right. It would not surprise me that the producer who last wrote his song, the other has heard. ‘

Meanwhile, the VRT also already responded to the indictment. Spokesman Hans Van Goethem acknowledges that there are similarities and that the feel the same , but: ‘What’s the Pressure had long done. It is written by Selah Sue and her demo dates back before January, when the song was presented in Belgium. ‘

Sax was gereleaset on 6 november last year. According to the news journal, there is no question of plagiarism, because ‘ to do the melody or a piece of text copied are ‘. A lawsuit had to come of it, it can be temporarily deleted song – and in the very worst case What’s the Pressure would not be able to take part in the Eurovision song contest.

Judge for yourself how strong are the similarities between the two songs:

What’s the Pressure: