Eurosong 2016


Our experts have to say about ‘ Everybody ’ Aches

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This week let us two music experts the five eurosong-listen to songs and reviewing. Every day may you of showbiz journalist Jelle Banerjee and music reviewer Jon Vella a critical view on the potential entries. Today: Astrid Destuyver and her Everybody Aches.

éénJelle Brans, journalist the latest news

Also at Astrid Decoste – a name where you actually can go anyway to the Eurovision song contest – we saw again that the ambitions reached too far for what it ultimately all but turned out to be. At first hearing did Everybody Aches an attempt at auditory finesse with a slow bass line and, contrary to Visual seduction, with a rendition that refers to Lana Del Rey. Op the second and third hearing we could ourselves only but for the main store – we were looking for the weather too far.

This is especially a lot of fuss about nothing. A soporific number halfway between downright infuriating began to be. The complete lethargic way on the stage was all to cry. A zombie on Xanax exhibits more energy. When you have this kind of refined songs in the Eurovision song contest, you need to have an undeniable presence. A Anouk. A Patricia Kaas. No Astrid Venu.

tweeDennis Van Goethem, music reviewer Het nieuwsblad

In the category ‘communion soul of the year ‘ is without a doubt the top prize with Astrid Venu. Too bad for her, this contest is about musical talent. That’s where exactly the problem lies. As far as we are concerned, the blonde appearance the most potential to alone make it in this world, but her voice is still too unstable, her image too uncertain. Astrid seemed Sunday evening even bang on that small stage.

With AKS knew Astrid tents on Pukkelpop and Dour to shake, but make no mistake, that was purely the merit of the powerful drum and bass collective behind her. As a solo artist she lulls us with Everybody Aches after just half a listen in sleep. More than a sequel to her online search for a lucky break is not this song.

A missed opportunity, because they will be problem-free in the shadow of the other acts. Criminal how Astrid in the refrains hidden behind the tape recorder with background voices. With a misdemeanor like this, Ellie Goulding‘s faintly afkeken, get your history books do not. Although, it is Mao Zedong also succeeded. An ideal cure for insomnia is Everybody Aches then again though.