And when were the Toppers suddenly again with four

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René Froger, Gerard Joling and Jeroen van der Boom get a fourth Topper. None other than Jan Smit comes the company permanently assisted, including at the annual concerts in the Amsterdam ArenA. That they made Monday night in the RTL Late Night talk show.

“I’m incredibly happy that I am officially Topper from next year,” said Jan Smit. ‘ This year, I can get some. ‘ He hopes already very long to be able to work together with the three other men. “John has not missed episode ‘, said Froger. “He’s a Toppers-fan. ‘

IK!!! ?

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As you perhaps know were the Toppers with four. When both Gordon and Gerard Joling came back with the Group and also all of the partije was Jeroen van der Boom. Gordon stepped into 2011 finally on. In 2009, the Group participated in the Eurovision song contest in Moscow with Shine. They fell by the wayside in the second semifinal.

The concert series of the top ones takes place this year on 26 and 27 may in the theme Wild West, home’s Best. Dress code: country red with glitter. We are already looking forward to the holiday outfits of the four gentlemen.