Gordon recovers from heavy accident

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The holiday of Gordon on the Greek island of Mykonos came abruptly to an end. On the way to his hotel, he was created by a car and the singer ended up in the hospital. The driver committed felony flight.

On the way of the restaurant to his hotel Gordon was hit by a car. He ended up in a Greek hospital with six broken ribs and a broken collarbone and shoulder blade on the left. The singer had to stay a few nights in the hospital before he would return to Netherlands.

But from Mykonos it went to Athens where medical specialists are fractures treated. Surgery is not necessary. ‘ He is medicated ‘, says George Tamang, the doctor who treated Gordon on the Greek island, to RTL. “In six to eight weeks will heal his collarbone. In two months he is back in order. ‘ A few days later if Gordon at least in Netherlands return.

Hot comments

The statements of support flowed from all sides. Gerard Joling wenstte his friend get well with a movie on instagram and the caption: ‘ Dear Corrie, very much change for the better. I hope you soon. X Geertje. ‘ He even personally went along to his friend to encourage.

The singer itself is moved by the compassion, but remembers nothing of the accident. ‘ I walked back to the hotel and the only thing I know is that I woke up on a trauma room and before I knew it in an ambulance plane to Athens, ‘ he says. ‘ I’m a little confused, emotionally. It’s all so unreal. ‘


Meanwhile, goes better with Gordon, he recently had to have the premiere of The Bodyguard because he had too much pain.

While he would have to rest, he is full of plans for the future. He is thinking of a book under 25 years Gordon. According to his manager he wants in it ‘ once and for all tell the truth. ‘ The book would come out next year, but exactly when is not yet clear.