Sandra Kim releases a new single

Thirty-four years ago, Sandra Kim won the Eurovision Song Contest in Bergen. Now she’s the winner of the first season of The Masked Singer. For weeks she sang beautifully and that’s why now she finally gets the recognition she deserves. However, this adventure also brings good news: a new single. The single is a collaboration with DJ and producer Regi.

For weeks everyone was faced with one question: who is the Queen in the first season of The Masked Singer in Belgium. Now that the mask is off, we know that it is our only Belgian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Sandra Kim. The victory made her very emotional, she admitted afterwards. “Nobody saw it, but when my name was mentioned I cried underneath the mask. I am very proud to be the first winner of this amazing show,” said Sandra.

New single

With the mask off, it’s time to revive her music career. Together with Regi she had a run on the title song of the show. Who You Are is a cover of the band The Who and now has a new version sung by Sandra Kim.

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Sandra Kim wint ‘The Masked Singer’