Duncan Laurence: ’Eurovision should evolve together with the music industry!’

Duncan Laurence is doing well after his victory at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. Immediately after he did a show at Pinkpop, he has a sold out Dutch tour, several European concerts planned (including two in Antwerp) and new music to be released soon. Not to mention the possible role that Duncan will play next year when the contest comes to Rotterdam. Although he is very down to earth about that: ‘I certainly don’t have to show up in every video next year. In May 2020 we will already have a new winner.’

Following the interview that our editor Jasper had with Duncan, it appears that the singer of Arcade does have a clear vision of how the next contest should look like. Duncan: ‘I hope it can focus more on the music and on the artistic level. That many more countries are going to give their new and emerging talents a platform. Okay, those typical Eurovision songs are fun, but the contest has to grown with the current pop industry. It has to connect more to platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. A music event as it should be in 2020. This way viewers could get the feeling they want to continue following the Eurovision Song Contest in the upcoming years even more.’

Duncan as one of the hosts in 2020? No, that’s not going to happen. ‘I know I have to sing again as the winner, but I will soon have a talk with AVROTROS about what my part in the shows will be. The Eurovision Song Contest has been the launch for me and I am very grateful for that. But I certainly don’t have to show up in every video next year. In May 2020 we already have a new winner. This Dutchman just wants to enjoy: ‘On a personal level and as a fan! Because it‘s here mainly thanks to me. ‘Oh my God, this is awesome ?! We are here now’, that’s what I want to feel.’

‘Winning something so big is indescribable’ 

We wanted to know what question he get’s asked the most by journalists. ‘How I felt after winning Eurovision. Without a doubt that one. I understand why they ask me that question. But to win something so big is indescribable. Even more so because it is completely ‘my song’ that made me win. This is who I am and thanks to doing that I have been able to experience something so beautiful. That victory was the icing on the cake. It is a rollercoaster filled with different emotions.’ 

Since his victory, things are going fast for Duncan. His career emerged, but at the same time his relationship ended. Is this a period that someone else decides on your life? That seems better than expected. ‘I, consciously, try to think about everything. Now I have some time off in which I can rest some more and literally go away for a while. That way I can clear my head. If you want to grow in this profession, taking a rest is very important, in my humble opinion. You can compare it with sports on the highest level where resting moments are very crucial.’

What about new music?

Seems like Duncan Laurence wants to take it easy with his career. That’s also the reason why no new music has been released apart of the acoustic version of Arcade. While other winners of Eurovision released their second single much faster. ‘To be completly honest … I really don’t care what other Eurovision winners have done in terms of a second release after their win. (laughs) Arcade is going so fast that I want to enjoy every moment of it.

I only want to release a new song when it’s really good; I’m not going to rush. That has been the consideration for me to wait a while. I have been involved in the world of music long enough and I just know that the song is the most important thing. That’s how I won. So it would be very weird if this time I rushed to release new music.’

What about his popularity? ‘I think it’s more important to create a momentum or have fans who appreciate you as an artist and not just because you’re the winner of Eurovision. No matter how beautiful it is. I have to grow now and move forward on my own. I want to touch people with good and beautiful music that I support to the fullest.’

Two concerts in Belgium

Belgian fans of Duncan are already looking forward to his two concerts in our country. The first, which sold out very quickly, concert at Trix is happening on November 30. The second show is on December 1 and tickets are still available. The winner of Eurovision is already looking forward to this: ‘It’s going to be a fun concert packed with work of my own,’ he says. ‘Songs I’ve written a while a go, but also brand new songs I’ve been working on in Los Angeles. It is a smaller venue, but I really wanted it that way. What‘s happening thanks to Arcade is not only a big thing for me, but for everyone. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone so I take it easy.’

The two concerts in (Dutch-speaking) Belgium are not a big surprise since Arcade is a big hit here as well, Duncan even received a golden record! ‘True; that golden record is really so cool! The support from other countries is great and remains very special! Because it’s real bizarre, for example, to hear my own song when I’m abroad. In The Netherlands it sometimes even gets awkward! (laughs) Because when I walk into the supermarket where I live, everyone there already knows who I am. If my song then plays in the background, oh then the fun starts!’

This is interview was a collaboration with Zizo. The full interview ( in Dutch ) can be found here.