Wurst: ‘ stop if Conchita? Maybe in twenty years! ‘

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Just before her performance in the Antwerp Pride gave Conchita Wurst a well-attended press conference. The bearded Eurovision winner of 2014 replied to all kinds of questions and talked about her album, further plans and in between she found still time to find a suitable candidate for Eurovision Song Contest Belgium!

It is the second year in a row that the Austrian Drag Queen headliner is during the popular Antwerp Pride. Last summer her performance literally and figuratively fell in the water. Conchita: ‘ The uitregende action of last year? Yes, I know still good! ‘, begins Conchita her interview session (laughs). I am very delighted to be back in Antwerp. For me, the summer pride season and I get happy the opportunity to a lot of different prides itself to be present. ‘

Last year brought Wurst especially covers during her performance, but in the meantime she has of course a album. ‘ I am very pleased with the success of my cd. In Austria I got after a week already a Platinum award. I have the album around the world may reveal, even in Japan. That I had never dared dream of. With this debut album I put my first foot steps in the big world music. ‘


The Eurovision song contest by 2015 was a great success for the singer. They stole the show on several occasions as presenter of the green room. Host country Austria did much less well. Conchita understand it still doesn’t. ‘ We were all very disappointed with the poor result of The Makemakes. They deserved that last place at all. We had they would much rather see end up higher on the scoreboard but we try to remember that we in Austria for a very good show. The billboards hang in there even! ‘

‘ I found Loïc Nagashima trouwens downright fantastic! He was one of my favorites. The song and video clip were perfect! Now everything is behind us, I may say so. I saw Natalia Besides sound check, what a voice! You would have to send her to the Eurovision song contest! I also first became second in the preliminary round and then only to take part in the contest. Hopefully she thinks seriously about it! ‘


Conchita Wurst is nowadays everywhere, but her character is not yet played out. ‘Stop with Conchita? I am now not doing! Ask me again in twenty years ‘ time, maybe I’m tired of walking around in high heels than. In the end, this is all I have always wanted. I’m not done yet with it. ‘

‘ I think quietly to after about a live concept to the songs from my new album. The most of all I would like to always occur with a large Orchestra, but that is of course not possible anywhere. A concrete plan for a tour there is so yet, but I think it over! ‘

ATV made a video report about Conchita’s passage on the pride: