Kiev 2017


Amir goes to Kiev as Eurovision commentator

* Automatically translated *

French singer Amir H will be part of the upcoming Eurovision song contest. This time not as a candidate, but as a commentator during the grand finale. That made the French broadcaster known via social media.

Popular Amir has even the date of one of his concerts have to change so that he can as a commentator. The songfestivalkandidaat of last year, Stéphane Bern and Marianne James (which provide the comment since 2015) accompany the big final of 13 May.

Amir will also cheer for his successor, Alma. The two know each other well and the man behind Requiem submission contributed to the song J’ai cherché, which Amir itself was sixth in Stockholm. Alma will bring a new version of her song in may, one with English vocals also.