Kiev 2017

KIEV 2017

Release song ‘ I Feel Alive ‘ on 9 March

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Singer Krishna Ziv zal I Feel Alive zingen for the upcoming Eurovision song contest. On 9 March follows the release. Some of the popular Israeli composers have for the song.

On 9 March the song in Israel will get introduced with which Mr Ziv ride out to Kiev in May. The song is called I Feel Alive and is composed by Shakuntala Ram & Penn Hazut (Doli ‘n’ Penn). They provided for all the hits from popular artists such as Sarit Hadad (candidate from 2002) and Noa Kirel. In a year in which there are a lot of ballads Sung, Israel probably for a energetic dance song. Smart move. IMRI, who in the past two years, backing vocals at the Eurovision song contest and was now the talent show won the Eurovision ticket WINS, can’t wait for the song: