Kiev 2017

KIEV 2017

Slavko Kalezić chosen for Kiev

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The national radio and television of Montenegro, RADIO TELEVISION of MONTENEGRO, announced today that the singer Slavko Kalezić the country in May will represent in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev.

Besides Kalezić was also his song for Kiev already referred to. The submission from Montenegro will Space . It is not yet known when and how the song will be published. Montenegro made via two selection boards an internal choice for 2017. The song they eventually chose, was actually ‘ only ‘ second choice. Originally there was chosen for Hot It Is by Sam Sommer, but he pulled back at the last minute due to copyright problems. The members of the selection Committee found no other suitable song to Montenegro to represent but because they still like forests at are in Kiev, they chose eventually for Space because that song was already in second place in their first-ever selection. It is still waiting for the presentation of the song, presumably that will pass for 20 March.

Outstanding candidate

With Slavko Kalezić sends Montenegro an outstanding candidate to Kiev. Slavko is singer, actor and drag queen. He stands out for its challenging outfits, eye-catching video clips and flamboyant appearance. He wanders around without problems on high stiletto heels. He once had a relationship with (in the meantime) lesbian singer Marija Šerifović . In 2007 she won the song contest for Serbia. Something tells us that he, too, has discovered a different side of himself in the meantime.

Not a great success

A team of experts therefore have a internal selection and are thus responsible for the artist and contribution of Montenegro in the next Eurovision song contest. Last year, the same method worked and were artist and act also internally chosen. Post any that proved great success since the band Highway with the song The Real Thing in the semifinal is stranded. It is so please wait blown on the number before we know if the Montenegrins whether or not their very first Eurovision trophy to take home.

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