Kiev 2017


Ticket sales Eurovision song contest 2017 postponed

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There are still no tickets on sale for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. The whole ticket sales is even postponed. The EBU is not set up with this delay and works with the host broadcaster on a solution.

The decision to postpone the sale of the tickets was taken by the anti-monopoly Committee of Ukraine, an organ that ensures that there is fair commercial competition. So something gone wrong. The fact is that there are several complaints are received.

Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision song contest: ‘ We are very disappointed with the postponement of the ticket sales. We work closely with host broadcaster UA: PBC to find a solution. EBU considers it important that each procedure is fair and transparent . We hope that the ticket sales they can start. ‘ It’s so wait and see how and when tickets will become available, just like the ticket prices.