‘VRT’s preferred candidate for Eurovision 2020 considers participation’

Belgian broadcaster VRT is working hard on the entry for Eurovision 2020. With a bit of luck, we have our candidate soon. ‘If the artist that has time for reflection now says yes, our search stops.’ That’s what Gerrit Kerremans tells us in a long interview to be published on our website coming Friday. Kerremans is music coordinator for VRT as well as the head of the committee which chooses and supports our Eurovision entry.

‘There are consultations with artists going on,’ Peter Van de Veire, Belgian commentator, told us back in May. It now seems these consultations are paying off. Gerrit Kerremans is clear: ‘For the moment we have a preferred candidate, the number one on our wishlist. That candidate is considering a possible participation at the Eurovision Song Contest in The Netherlands. The concerning artist only wants to take part with a very strong song. That’s all I can and want to say about 2020.’

Several options

The artist concerned has to give a final answer soon. ‘Yes, there are deadlines,’ says VRT’s music expert. ‘Because if this artist refuses after all, we have to choose among one of our other options. Luckily we are still talking with a few other persons.’

Be successful in every way

The head of our selection committee doesn’t tell us everything of course. About the kind of candidate he would like to send to The Netherlands he tells us: ‘Our artist may not fail in any way. I fully have the feeling that our number one artist can be successful in every way. Absolutely! After that it’s up to us to support that candidate in the best possible, most professional way.’

Will VRT select a known name or do we give young talent the chance to show oneself, as in the past years? ‘Preferably, I send someone who is very popular right now and has experience. It pleases me to boost new talent but it certainly is no requirement,’ Kerremans says.

First the artist, then the song

For 2019, the selection committee of The Netherlands listened to the songs in first place. VRT seems to stick to their 2018 formula: first the artist, then the song. At this time it’s not revealed when we will get to know our new Eurovision candidate. In 2018 the name of Laura Groeseneken (Sennek) was revealed at the end of September. We might know this year’s name in September or October.

Long interview with Gerrit Kerremans

Keep an eye on our website and our social media channels, because our in-depth interview with Gerrit Kerremans will be published coming Friday. The pitiful result of 2018, the approach of VRT and Stromae or Natalia as candidate … All these subjects are talked about in the interesting conversation.