Fabian Faber sings about ‘ the first time ‘

* Automatically translated *

Singer Fabian Faber, who represented our country in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011, has the first time with a new single. Striking: after earlier collaborations with Dutchman Jeroen Van der Boom and Arne Vora, is this single from His own pen flowed.

‘ The gnawed all a moment to yourself to write a song to me. And actually, I did that already more often, but ended up my ideas every time prop in the garbage. Because it should be completely knocking if you are a number writes: tell a story, a catchy chorus, a nice gimmick ‘, Fabian know about its own single. Bart Foubert, Show Vala and Stijn Visto edited the number to final version.

The first time was all to see and/or hear on Anne, VTMKzoom and Radio 2, and the single delivers Fabian the sobriquet ‘ the Flemish Nielson ‘ on. Fabian itself stays there sober under, but let know that he definitely looks up to him ‘, but that I still have a lot to learn have yet but on the ankles of Nielson to come. ‘

The song is and download on iTunes.