Five ‘ super fans ‘ determine 50% of the result

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The Danish national broadcaster DR has the voting system of the national selection for the Eurovision song contest thoroughly adapted. The traditional jury of experts will be replaced by a group of five ‘ super fans ‘, that as many as half of the results for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2017 will determine.

Yesterday the Danish national selection for the ten artists were revealed. 25 February they will contend for the ticket to Kiev. As usual, the outcome will be determined by a combination of televoting and jury. DR. will, however, the jury this time very different. They make short work with the experts and places five fans in the jury, said super fans, half of which will determine the outcome of the match. They will give points in the first part of the final and will also have their say in the super final, where the three songs with the most points will be further fights.

Dr has the fans already in the selection process influence given by some of the 1115 submitted songs to them for consideration. The broadcaster goes a step further by the fans to have this huge influence in choosing a winner.