Internet vote back

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Spanish broadcaster RTVE has on its website details released about the process to the suitable candidate for the Eurovision song contest 2017. The internet gets again an important share.

Between 27 October and 27 november will, tomorrow, any interested Spanish artist himself with his or her song can specify on a special online registration form of broadcasting. The RTVE choose up to 30 entries that show the internet vote for keep: everybody can vote on his favorite out Heerden numbers. It is not yet known how.

European casting

The top ten of those songs is then listened to and judged by a professional jury. Will eventually indicate that three songs taking part in European casting. That is the name of a preliminary round that for the actual qualifying round is held and only online broadcast will be, on a date to be determined. The public, Spanish and possibly international, select which of the three punch to the actual national final.

That final, Objetivo Eurovisión Spainsometime in February, is broadcast on the first net of the RTVE. The winner of the European casting will take part along with an even number of internally selected artists and songs. A combination of jury and public vote will determine the Spanish songfestivalkandidaat. To the eventual winner to do it better than Barei (photo: RTVE), who with her Say Yay! played a 22nd place on the last song festival in Stockholm.


Between 2008 and 2010 the Spanish broadcaster had also each time an online platform on which each artist could place his or her song. Only the public then had every time control in choosing which songs went to the preliminary round on television. That design took care to furore, because sometimes the broadcaster, in its sole discretion, deleted songs that are “too ridiculous”. With the renewed selection is already a first made behind closed doors, and culling is that problem already fixed.