Nina Kraljic makes comeback for Croatia to Eurovision

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Croatia has for her return to the Eurovision song contest Nina Kraljic. The name of the winner of The Voice did all the longer round. That news was now confirmed. On March 9, we know her song

Daily newspaper 24 Sata was clearly a few weeks ago: Nina Kraljic is the Croatian representative in Stockholm. The contract between State broadcaster HRT and Kraljic ‘ record company Universal Music would still have to be taken so that by the end of this week if Croatia can announce its Eurovision singer. In the end, the negotiations lasted a little longer, but now it is really official. Nina goes for Croatia to Stockholm with a song they will propose on 9 March.

The 24-year-old singer’s friends claim that her child’s dream is to be on the song contest to be allowed to take office. That seems to be the public broadcaster to come out well. Croatia was not there the last two years and also for this edition came the final confirmation until late. The cost for setting up a national round fall through the internal choice road and Universal Music would like to take the cost partly in itself with a big song to be able to take office.

Kraljic won last year the Croatian version of The Voice and the single releasete Zaljuljali Smo Svijet. They will soon be releasing her debut album. Below, you can see her version of Euphoria with the local Axel Hirsoux. More of her work in The Voice you can find here.

Klapa s Mora took for the last part in 2013, but the group survived the semifinals in Malmö with the song Mizerja. The Balkan country in the first half of this year to the first semifinal.