IRA Losco does not possible with ‘ Chameleon ’

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A new chapter in the Maltese Eurovision saga this year: there will be a new preliminary round, behind closed doors. reports that there will be held a new selection from tomorrow. Losco has no less than ten new songs in the offer, and which are all reviewed by a series of music experts from Malta itself and ten other European countries. One of these ten is an updated version of Chameleon, the song that last month won the Maltese Eurovision heat. Or her other song in the contest, that’s Why I Love You, comes with it, was not.

It is for the sake of clarity, not to a real new national final to be held on television is broadcast. The whole process will play behind closed doors , and it is still unclear whether the choice of the experts or followed by Losco and her entourage, nor when there is more news will follow.

The singer returns after 14 years, back to the Eurovision song contest. In 2002, she picked up a second place with Seventh Wonder. Last year , for the first time in Malta 2011 stranded in the semi-final.