O’G3NE sings Eurovision Song ‘ Lights and Shadows ‘ Friday night for the first time live

* Automatically translated *

Now Friday, March 3, O’G3NE will for the first time their Eurovision contribution bring live during the program RTL Late Night. Meanwhile, leaked the title of their song already.

Next Friday will be in the afternoon, first the name of the song. At that time, the song might also be be played on the radio for the first time. During RTL Late Night follows the first live performance. The show on RTL is a Dutch talk show that every working day between 22.30 and 23.40 hours is broadcast on the Dutch commercial station RTL 4 and is presented by Humberto Tan. The latter is extremely pleased with the premiere of the song at his show, O’G3NE, has several times been a guest in his program and he is a fan of their polyphonic sound.

Title leaked picked up today with the news that the song, a ‘ constructive power ballad ‘, Lights and Shadows is called. The entry is written and composed by the father of the girls, Rick Full and also Rory Daniels co-wrote the song. He is the boyfriend of Shelley.