O’G3NE prepares for possible participation in Eurovision

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One phone call from broadcaster AVRO and TROS to the girls of O’G3NE Netherlands has a candidate for the Eurovision song contest by 2017. Singer Shelley, one of the three sisters, in an interview with 100% NL Magazine said that they already after thinking about their participation and that they have an idea how they can win the song contest. (photo: Robin k)

To be clear: O’G3NE is not yet the official candidate to represent our northern neighbours in Ukraine. Nothing is known about the selection. The three girls have often drop that they would like to participate and AVRO BUNCH knows that they can at O’G3NE. Jan Smit, who joined the selection Committee, says they have the girls sure will approach.

‘ It’s nice to see that many people want us to go. That we find important. That it is not just determined, but that the Netherlands will. Because you are for the country, “says Shelley first still gently into the magazine. Yet walk Amy, Lisa and Shelley liked on the facts ahead: they think seriously about their ‘ Eurovision project ‘. Or is it daydreaming? Amy: ‘ At such a participation is the total picture. Everything has to be right. You go there to promote an album or for an international career. ‘ Shelley fill her: ‘ as we go, we go on our way. And we have also sure a picture of how we could winit. ‘ A song to sing in Ukraine they have yet, but there is no need to worry about O’G3NE. If they represent Netherlands next year they go off to the races. ‘ Our father our hit Magic wrote in one day, so that song comes on time. We really don’t have to. ‘

It is now wait and see what AVRO BUNCH is going to do with this very open application of O’G3NE. They go for these motivated girls or choose them anyway for another representative? The fact is that the debut album of the girls only comes out in september. Every song on that cd would be so eligible if entry for Ukraine by 2017.

Take the Money and Run is the most recent single from the popular trio, but that song came out before september: