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San Marino: Serhat sings disco version ‘ I Didn t Know ’ ’ in Stockholm

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The Turkish singer is going to sing an uptempo version of his entry for San Marino. Despite the fact that the original number was already 250,000 views on Youtube, the broadcasting of San Marino decided to make the change after comments by fans and media.

No, San Marino will not choose new entry such as Malta. I Didn’t Know just gets a new jacket, danceable . Serhat has several versions of his song and the discovversie was recently been put on Youtube. Who got better reviews in comparison with the original version, although the number is not seen as a high flyer by the bookmakers. To them, the mini is all the way down in the rankings and also many fans see the song not high end.

Given the original version already was submitted as official number to represent San Marino, was a special request submitted to the EBU and the Reference Group of the Eurovision song contest to bring the disco version on the Eurovision song contest. That request was approved last weekend.

Click here to see the new version of the song:

For fans of the original version, which still sounds so: