San Marino


“Enter public jury”

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SMRTV, the broadcaster of the country that Serhat (photo: EBU) delegated to the youngest ESF, does a striking proposal: in addition to a professional jury, the country also wants to enter a public jury.

The voting system underwent a thorough changethis year. The votes of the jury and televoting by country are no longer combined into one ranking by country. They are now separate, whereby each country votes and therefore twice the scores twice as high.

Composite results

A smaller change gold only for countries that are at a disadvantage because they lack a valid public televoting vote annually. In that case would no longer simply the jury vote as the sole voice. The televotingresultaten are composed by those of other participating countries to combine until they “representative” for the country without sufficient own voices.

How many and which countries should and exactly how that more explicit, was never explained. However, it is generally known that San Marino is one of the countries that the annual without valid televoting. In the micro State not much more than 30,000 inhabitants, and only a fraction of them look at and agree during the Eurovision song contest.

Online public jury

The broadcaster complains the rule change now and makes a proposal in order to let the Sanmarinese public control in the final verdict. The SMRTV pleads for a online public jury. It is a representative panel composed of the population, that while the voting lines open across Europe the chance to online one or a few votes. Those voices were added than the Sanmarinese “televoting”.

Carlo Romeo, the Director of broadcasting, is for fighter of his proposal: “it is a very balanced solution, which only very few or even no disadvantages. The Republic of San Marino deserves the same rights as other participating countries. ”

The EBU has not yet let you know or would like to comment on the Sanmarinese request.