This we already know about podiumact Laura Tesoro!

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Gradually let our candidate Laura in her cards look related to the act that they will drop during the Eurovision song contest in Sweden. What do we really know already?

Laura’s act was by choreographers Ish Ait Hamou and Yves Ruth designed, together with Laura. They accompanied all candidates of the preselection eurosong 2016 in the search for an act that their personality and that of their song would display. After Laura was chosen to represent Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest, Laura has her act together with them refined and made ready for the big stage in Stockholm. It is a performance that put a smile on the face of the public.

Belgians make outfit

For her stage outfit she did a job on the young Antwerp fashion brand O’Rèn. O’Rèn is the prêt-à-porter label of Michael Wachira and Nathan Murillo, who both to the fashion Academy in Sint-Niklaas studied. Laura often carries pieces from their Team Belgium collection. For her performance in Sweden asked Laura to a stage outfit to design O’Rèn that came with her and her song would fit, an outfit in which she also could dance on the stage. In some interviews with white sneakers revealed Tesoro that they will occur … Laura during her act will be accompanied by five talented background singers: they will not only sing but also dance on the stage.

  • Melany Baez: Melany (born 1990) was born in Allmere (Netherlands) and had the lead role in the production fairy dream.
  • Laurens H: Laurens (born 1990) was born in Vlissingen (Netherlands). He played in The little mermaid and was a dancer in X-Factor.
  • Kevin Van der Meer: Kevin (° 1986) was born in julianadorp (Netherlands) and was a backing vocalist for artists such as Sam Smith and Trijntje Oosterhuis.
  • Rebecca Louis: Rebecca (° 1988) was born in Brussels and studied at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.
  • Tanja D: Tanja (° 1973) was born in Belgium and now lives in London. They toured as a performer with Zap Mama. In an interview with our candidate told that the whole act has gotten an upgrade . ‘ The end of it now has a larger show content than in the preliminary rounds. We still work with the stairs and the backing vocals, but the choreography, the light and the visuals are better. It’s all much bigger. ‘ At Velasco & guests left Laura fall all that much more colorful. The show steps are apparently already arrived in Stockholm … Start next week the first rehearsals and we come to know how quickly the Belgian delegation this year. type=3 & theatre