Israeli final on 3 March

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Israel keeps all since early december via the talent show auditions Next Star. That should result in the appropriate songfestivalkandidaat on 3 March.

After the success of last year – Nadav Ganesan ended eighth in Vienna – chose the Israelites again for a long talent show. All shows were recorded in advance, but on March 3, there is a live broadcast in which the Israeli candidate for Stockholm is chosen. Four candidates will compete against each other.

Last year the song was newly elected after one had found a suitable candidate. This year, could it be that to hear the song already will be in the final. The organizers have spent the past week contacts with song writers.

Israel sees along with Belgium in the second semifinal, but in the first half. The Israelis hope to the final for the second year in a row. That was when all of 2010 since Israel still failed. Nadav Guedjs Golden Boy was the first Israeli entry that was completely in English.