Laura Tesoro looks back on two weeks in Stockholm

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‘ Good memories and an incredible experience ‘, so barrel Laura Tesoro her two weeks in Stockholm together. The singer has just returned in our country after a handsome tenth place and looks a moment back on the crazy adventure where they entered since eurosong 2016 .

Those two weeks in the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm were for Laura Tesoro a unique experience they for the rest of her career and her life will carry around. Yet she easily two of the highlights. ‘ That red carpet, that was fantastic ‘, they say. “I felt a real Hollywood star. So many fans on one side, the same amount of press on the other. ‘

And then there were her three minutes on stage. ‘ The Eurovision audience is really the most fun public ever. They are singing along and dancing and jumping with their flags. Every single time that arena stood on its head. ‘

She got after her tenth place congratulations from a lot of famous people. Even the Royal family wished her congratulations via social media. ‘ But also Selah Sue, Niels Destadsbader and Koen Wauters congratulated me ‘, says the 19-year-old singer. ‘ I got so much support from all corners of the country. ‘ Also the exuberant reaction of Ingeborg found them great. ‘ But also people coming to me and showed me said they are good by my number and immediately want to dance, so does virtue. The world needs that positivity. ‘

Or they don’t prefer that ninth place had taken off in the old points system? “No, the tenth place sounds more beautiful. ‘

Just back as coach

‘ In Stockholm, I have had them to the people who have accompanied me and could tell me what was about to happen, ‘ she says. ‘ I myself would no longer participate. A lot of artists do a second time because they want to improve their performance, but I am very satisfied with my result. I had to go again, I would prefer to do that as a coach or companion. ‘

A participation in the Eurovision song contest would not immediately recommend Laura. “You have to really want to do this and it’s not for everyone ‘, they say. ‘ I was ready for it thanks to my experiences in The Voice. But I think that both novice and experienced artists should be given a chance, if they want it at least. ‘

Surprise winner

That Ukraine won the song contest, no one had seen it coming. Laura also not. “I thought Australia would win. That was also my favorite ‘, they say. ‘ But Jamala is a strong singer, the song has a nice message and she has a handsome performance. It’s nice for Ukraine, but will not be a summer hit its number. ‘

Despite that it is not a summer hit, about 1944 in Laura’s head. ‘ But actually I sit still with all the songs in my head. For example, Bulgaria and Israel I found very well. ‘

We see Laura Tesoro may not return as a singer in the Eurovision song contest, but the coming months will very often yet to see them in Flanders. So will they finish her summer tour where they started in april, some tv shows and will they two songs. ‘ To the day before yesterday was my focus solely on the Eurovision song contest. Now it’s time for new things. ‘