‘ Porn past ‘ Sergey Lazarev shows up

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British newspaper The Sun presents a very explicit nude picture of the Russian representative in Stockholm. Sergey ever in the porn industry? No, according to the Kremlin are the photos ever taken to domestic violence.

That Russian Sergey Lazarev like naked goes, is no secret. During his performances and in his video clips he often wears revealing outfits, but the photo in The Sun goes a step further. In the United Kingdom they already speak of a covert ‘ fetish porn past ‘.

According to the Kremlin in Russia is not porn pictures. The images with the impassioned wife and the naked Lazarev would made for a campaign against domestic violence. The Russians are not at all happy that this picture has surfaced again. They do everything to make the nude photos of the internet, because they are also already appeared on porn websites for gay men.

Serbian Sanja aast on British Joe

There are still more spicy scandals have come to light. So is Sanja, the Serbian candidate, on men hunt in Sweden. She has her eye on Joe Woolford of the British duo Joe & Jake. They flirted all with Joe on the red carpet and is now obsessed with the young man. The Serbian diva wants to bring Joe likes to her hotel room, but in the meantime, comes not in the Joe on the sexual advances of the singer.