(FYR) Macedonia: Kaliopi presents ’ for ‘ Dona

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During a long television show on the Macedonian State broadcaster Dona was suggested, the Macedonian entry for Stockholm.

That is for the third time provided by singer Kaliopi. Twenty years ago, they already share, but then finished third in the infamous audio heat, and took them the actual Eurovision stage in Oslo. Four years ago, she reached as first Macedonian in five years time the final of the Eurovision song contest in Baku with Crno i belo, with a thirteenth place.

Since then took out the Balkan country the final no more, and therefore it was decided to Kaliopi yet again. Tonight she got her own talk show on the first net of the Macedonian State broadcaster, and as the closing piece she introduced her song Dona for.


(FYR) Macedonia takes part in the first half of the second semifinal, on Thursday 12 May.