After all the criticism: Germany let Xavier Naidoo home

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The German singer Xavier Naidoo goes do not represent his country in the Eurovision song contest in Sweden. The German broadcaster said ‘ to have ‘ made a mistake and goes looking for another entry for their country.

The soap in Germany is complete: NDR and German broadcasters ARD have a official press release sent into the world in which they have decided to let them know that Xavier Naidoo Germany not to be represented in the Eurovision song contest in Stockholm.

Just after the announcement of the German entry soon much criticism on Naidoo. So he would be homophobic, racist and supporter of anti-Semitism.

In the press release is Thomas Schreiber, one of the managers at ARD. Schreiber: ‘ Xavier is an excellent singer who in my opinion No homophobic or racistat all, but there was a lot of fuss around his appointment. We are all very shocked by the many negative comments. We have clearly made a mistake. The Eurovision Song Contest is a fun event where the music and the international aspect. That is how it should continue. The discussion currently underway is can bring big damage to the concept of the Eurovision song contest. Therefore we decide not to Xavier to send Sweden. ‘

Thomas also let know that they will ‘ ‘ as soon as possible make known who or for Germany to the Eurovision song contest will go.