Dana International is Caitlyn Jenner to

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Singer Dana International and media figure Caitlyn Jenner are without doubt two of the most famous trans women in the world. That does not mean, however, that there is mutual respect. In a recent interview that grove does Dana International statements about Jenner. ‘ She talks and looks like a man ‘, sneert the Israeli diva.

The singer of Diva and Ding Dong do its statements in an interview with the Israeli celebwebsite Walla! News. When it comes to the life of La International, is also Caitlyn Jenner as talking point upwards. It appears that Dana has her reservations at Jenner’s sudden status of trans icon. ‘ I read in a interview with Caitlyn that according to her some trans women not feminine enough and that society has it there hard! That made me very angry. It has all the attention, a lot of money and living the great American Dream and then goes on to criticize our trans family . ‘

‘ It make anyway no matter how you looks like? I find such statements incredibly stupid. They still come from someone who looks like a man, walks like a man and talks like a man. If Caitlyn looks in the mirror and thinks people not see her as a man in a dress, then she has it wrong. She’s not feminine. If they then such statements do, then she falls also to himself ‘, says Dana evil.