First names ’ ‘ Melodifestivalen 2016 leaked?

* Automatically translated *

Newspaper Aftonbladet publishes names of artists who, according to the newspaper, will participate in the Swedish preselection. Competitor Expressen leaking four names and Nöjesbladet comes with one name.

According to Aftonbladet goes in first to Ace Wilder, Oscar Zia, Samir & Viktor and Swedish Idolwinner Lisa Ajax. The newspaper also picked up over the past few years with possible names for Melodifestivalen. Eventually they were never far off.

ACE Wilder was the great discovery in 2014 from the Swedish preliminary round. With Busy Doin ‘ Nothin’ she to Sanna Nielsen. Zia was eighth in the final. The duo Samir in the final of 2015 also & Viktor Melodifestivalen. Lisa Ajax would make her debut in the popular song contest. She won the talent show Idollast year. The 16-year-old Frans Jacobs, Pernilla Andersson (took all share in 2011) and debutante by 2015 are likely to Isa again in the race.

Expressen claims that darlings Dinah Nah, Panetoz, Sigrid Jesslyn and Pidde Pannkaka dancer at the start will appear. Linda Bengtzing Nöjesbladet writes that for a sixth time her chance will truck. Linda would be at the start with a song by Robin Stjernberg, in 2013 the Swedish candidate.

The official entry list will most likely be announced in november.