Compensation for Natalia

* Automatically translated *

For Natalia is an end to the threat and the belaging to her address. The Court has to pronounce a judgment in the case.

The Criminal Court of Turnhout has determined that the 33-year old Kevin V.H. from berendrecht is sentenced to a suspended sentence of ten months. Through social media, he sent her, in the name of terrorist movement IS, posts like ‘ If you don’t stop to behave like a whore, it will be an honor to assist you and beheading ‘. He even threatened to strike during a concert in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp in February 2015. The police were alert and the man could conceive.

In addition to the suspended sentence, the man pay 600 euro fine. Natalia asked through her lawyer to damages of 15000 euro early, the judge knew 7500 euro. ‘ Natalia has suffered under the case. It has a heavy impact on its security feeling ‘, says judge François C. The man is weak gifted and is obligated in psychosocial support.