Trijntje does not speak more with Anouk

* Automatically translated *

Trijntje Oosterhuis and Anouk have no contact with each other. Anouk, which in 2013 participated in the song festival, Walk Along that Trijntje wrote this year at the Eurovision stage. The two are good friends, or certainly were that.

During the talk show RTL Boulevard Anouk did some rake statements about the performance of Trijntje on the Eurovision song contest in Vienna. ‘ If you with such a dress comes, it’s not going more to the song ‘, said Anouk. ‘ She was surprised at the reactions. That is naive. ‘

“But with those judgments, she was not happy, ‘ says Anouk today to AD. She has not seen since the Eurovision song contest and Trijntje has just received a voicemail. “I’ve let her know that my door is open, but they had no time, ‘ says Anouk. “I understand the problem is not because everything I said, I had already told her. ‘

Trijntje is disappointed in her participation in the Eurovision song contest. ‘ I’m done with it, “she said after the statements made by her friend at RTL Boulevard. ‘ That I can understand, but you have to be against criticism. Well well. On to Douwe Bob. I expect that he is going to do it well ‘, Anouk.

The rebellious singer left during the interview also know that they are on an album with new material works. That would appear next year. This month her Greatest Hits album.