DSVS 2016

DSVS 2016

DSVS: Our experts have to say about Italy & Spain

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Today throws us expertenpanel a look at the songs of Francesca Michielin and Barei.

Yesterday our experts critiqued all the entries from Germany and France. Here you can read back.

Italy: Francesca Michielin – No Degree of Separation


Stijn De Guzman: On May 14, will this Italian will thanks her Bambi-eyes certainly some steal hearts. Laura Pausini in the year 2016, so can you describe this song. A sing-along as La Solitudine , however, it is not, for that is missing the song the secret spice mix of Mama Miracoli. That Francesca at the end switch on English is as great a sin as a plate of spaghetti with knife and fork.

Fabian Faber: The Italian language sounds so romantic and that grabs you so in. Al sings Franscesca that they would find me a stupid zero which is better the guitar and microphone along side explains … then still I find it romantic. Road atmosphere if they are half way through the song by Italian to English switch. There are stronger songs this year. Fortunately Italy need not first in the preliminary rounds to play. The song also seems to me to have its best before date well past . Next year new opportunities …

Sree Lakshmi: I have a feeling very crazy about this song. When it was over, it seemed just as if it were for me had yet to begin. I’m curious about the act and how they going to tackle the ‘ interesting enough ‘ to keep up! I’m not really fan … But maybe I should just have to get used to how the music style of the Song Contest is changing in recent years!

Caren Meynen: Already at the first nuts I become back catapulted to the 90 ‘s. The type of songs which my mother usually will say: ‘ Yes, that’s nice, but it’s not going to win ‘. With the second part of the sentence I am once it right away. I also had a bit of those young girls voices. In The Voice they get the public usually on their hand, but unfortunately not that kite in eurosong country goes on.

Spain: Barei – Say Yay


Stijn De Guzman: Spain, the country that year after year a power ballad alternating with a Belle Perez-like number, arrives this year surprisingly this modern Spanish hipsterchica. The song is far from bad but also far from WOW. If you have a few glasses of cava ophebt, which usually is the case on the Eurovision night, will sit still on Say Yay to be difficult.

Fabian Faber: What are the Spanish there huge managed to send a catchy song! I believe that during the great final millions of people spontaneously with their feet will try to mimic the moves of Barei . The number is certainly not bad but a real winner don’t I look in right away, though you know that of course never.

Sree Lakshmi: A summer hit in the making?! I am almost sure. Damn, that woman her voice! The song has me so bad, I must say. Super catchy and happy! A mix of a number of top 10 scorers of recent summers, but Spain is according to me far kicking with its submission!

Caren Meynen: A voice that sounds like she just has a whole Directory cigarettes smoked: I love it. Not of the cigarettes, though the voice. Barei delivers a song that I would impose if I in my car with the Sun on my snoot go road tripping. It has a bit of the feeling of the songs that our Flemish dance Diva’s in the years 2000 ,. And I’m totally crazy about such music. My past at Radio Donna will had something to do with it. You had to say that Jessy (Yes, yes the Mackenzie earlier) this issue of Spain has sung I had believed. So yes, for me Viva España!

Tomorrow the last two submissions to the song contest 2016: the United Kingdom and Sweden.