DSVS 2016

DSVS 2016

DSVS: Our experts have to say about Latvia, Lithuania & Poland

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Today on offer: Justs, Donny and Michał, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia respectively.

Yesterday our experts critiqued the songs from Australia, Ireland and Israel. Their opinions about that here you can read back.

Latvia: Justs – Heartbeat


Stijn De Guzman: After last year’s thinking the Watch again Aminata out-of-the-box with a contemporary contribution. This somewhat monotonous song would you rather on a unchristian hours in a sweaty nightclub in Riga expect on this songs Festival. I find it a fascinating entry mine high may end. Whether it will be able to Captivate viewers three minutes long, that remains to be seen.

Fabian Faber: This song is definitely not bad, but my positive Outlook on. It is not enough on by the gentle production and an artist which I have the impression that he for the first time on a stage. Represent our country when I went I was crammed to my song with an act which made it complete. Fire, illusions, POWER … this I miss so hard …

Fabio Ponente: Look, I mean exactly with this innovative. This sound is definitely my thing and a revelation for the Eurovision song contest, especially with the Nice deep electro sounds that are very compelling. The singer sings the song good and emotional … This is certainly a dangerous contender as far as I’m concerned.

Roy Van der Merwe: This will I may be in a minority, but I don’t understand why many are so lyrical about this song. I hear barely a perceptible melody. Heartbeat reminds me of Love Injected last year, whatever I didn’t like – but that reached the top-10. That is why I have confidence that this will do well, though not Justs my heart rate beat faster.

Ellen Volders: Heartbeat starts futuristic. A strong singer, and a special and contemporary number. You love it or you hate it. I belong rather to the second camp. Our last year also brought a surprising and Loïc alternative number, which I much more likely gave to the victory. But the final is there anyway in, even perhaps a place in the top-10.

Lithuania: Donny Montell – I’ve Been Waiting for This Night


Stijn De Guzman: The more entries I hear, the more often I feel that I get to the Ultratop 50 to listening. The time that the contest devastated oubolligheid and kitsch is clearly beyond. The intro of this song has a very high Let it go-content while the chorus then again from the OneRepublic-continuity. Donny is a smooth boy with a nice snoot, but will he his fourteenth place from 2012 can match without its glittering blindfold?

Fabian Faber: I believe what I hear and what I see. A catchy song and a chorus that immediately hangs. When the chorus comes along for the second time I sing it spontaneously. And that is an important factor for a song, if you only have 3 minutes to convince the public.  Only I had after the infectious hit-moment the song fully open. It would the song still have made just a little more Eurovision

Fabio Ponente: A very strong set of songs this week, if I may say. This has been a handsome and dramatic song with an enticing climax. I’m a big fan of numbers like this that a depth, but also for the necessary fire. And if it may be said: Donny is also a beautiful appearance, which also helps.

Roy Van der Merwe: I find this song better than his previous submission, Love Is Blind from 2012. Yet it is not the song that I’ve been waiting for. After Lithuania last year surprised me by my favorite of the year off, I had hoped that they would do even better this year, so they would win and I might go next year to Vilnius. However, I see this go to the final and a place in the top-10 decorating, unless all male singers hurt each other and divide the points.

Ellen Volders: Abort Donny Montell for me no pots. He has however his looks and his moves with it, but certainly not the poppy number excels in originality. But maybe you don’t have to. This song is sure to the final, but makes little impression for the victory.

POLAND: Michał Szpak – Colour of Your Life


Stijn De Guzman: The tear-jerker of the Polish cross between a dandy circus Director and a hip contemporary seventeenth century King sounds after one minute all terribly corny. His shrill voice can make me absolutely not. Obviously a pee-and/or twitterpauze.

Fabian Faber: A song me precious little does and as there are so many in recent years have passed without noteworthy result. And I fear that this song for Poland a same result. A song where I do not think Europe really is on waiting.

Fabio Ponente: Initially it sounds very promising, but then it falls completely silent. Although the singer has very beautiful eyes that are very engaging, the number OK without more. Vocal is all mustache, but the problem lies in the number itself, which too classic. I believe that this is the final can pick up, but without the scoreboard on fire.

Roy Van der Merwe: I am very glad that the Poland the favorite Margaret in the preliminary round. This song is very easy in the hearing and the singer has a very pleasant voice. I’m not wild about his long hair, but he fits in well with Ivan in that area from Belarus. I think many voters this fall, and this will easily reach the final by punches.

Ellen Volders: If you can say something by Michal, is it that he has style. In addition, Woows are the best thing in the number, but it remains a cliché song and with which he lulls me to sleep. The number that I quickly take time would take to a puddle break. Next!

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