Eurosong 2016


Our experts have to say about ’ ‘ Kick the Habit

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This week let us two music experts the five eurosong-listen to songs and reviewing. Every day may you of showbiz journalist Jelle Banerjee and music reviewer Jon Vella a critical view on the potential entries. Today: Amaryllis Uitterlinden and her Kick the Habit.

zesJelle Brans, journalist the latest news

Poor Amaryllis. The girl has been all about 48 years or something thereabouts to the road, and yet to them in this type of crochet matches coming into Office to her musical where to can wear out. Chapeau so for courage and perseverance.

We write also Kick the Habit yet. Production, there were some nice flourishes to this song, with a distinctive violin part, cute bells and a chorus immediately meezingbaar. About halfway through the song unfortunately falls a bit flat. To in Tom Helsen-terms to stay: she went for singing the Church.

Amaryllis promises by next week a striking, dramatic act; something we also would expect at this number. It is also the only thing that can save her. Only seems to have cast the child itself wrong. Amaryllis is the trippy flower girl, with the lovely angelic voice and ditto look. So we doubt whether they can credibly himself into a no fucks given-diva. But secretly thumbs we that the hair works: during this number gebéurde at least something on the stage. Our personal favorite, against my better judgement.

VierenhalfDennis Van Goethem, music reviewer Het nieuwsblad

Dear friends, the miracles are not yet out of the world. For the first time since times immemorial has a eurosong-candidate its own weapons forged, which is unique in this dystopia of predictable pop anthems. But then stops also the contribution of Amaryllis Uitterlinden to this race. Her song is Kick The Habit but so-so, her stage presence a pastiche on Florence Welch. In the series she does fit though, as these five candidates are all in the same bed sick. But the symptoms – creativity on the back burner and lack of its own face – the hardest Act on at Amaryllis.

Strange, because the Antwerp has the most stripes on her credit. Although they coasted to the side of high peaks – trembles trembles – Ozark Henry, the most senior person this eurosong the gray mouse. Needed this motley gang of promo girls and poster boys FC the champions , was Amaryllis Doortje: a faded appearance, including sheep laugh. Wegzappen that trade, play a game of curling in the Canadian amateur series seems to us more fascinating.

Agreement, Kick The Habit is not the worst song and even has something that looks like a catchy chorus. But that bring to you by after a round or five. And thus don’t by in this little world. This song further excels in mediocrity: sticky lyrics, wrong melancholy strings and a sometimes false voice. Also, how embarrassing Amaryllis wooden on the buhne was about to shuffle. Kick The Habit not invites into a voluptuous seduction dance, and would drown in Sweden inglorious between the usual bombasme and violence. A good attempt of the experienced candidate, just wide gebuisd.