Eurosong 2016


Our experts have to say about ’ ‘ What s the Pressure ’

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This week let us two music experts the five eurosong-listen to songs and reviewing. Every day may you of showbiz journalist Jelle Banerjee and music reviewer Jon Vella a critical view on the potential entries. Today: the winner of the second episode, Laura Tesoro with What’s the Pressure.

VijfJelle Brans, journalist the latest news

No so. The song contest 2017 will not in Brussels, Antwerp or Blankenberge continue. The five songs that the VRT on Sunday suggested, ranged from ‘ unremarkable ‘ to ‘ fine radio enter ‘. Real dragons were not listed. But those great, separate, winning instant-hit where we all as hoped? Three times unfortunately. What is the point of having a ‘ months ‘ long search for suitable numbers if you half of it right away let Slate it by your own jury? Soit.

What’s the Pressure by Laura Tesoro will be. The 19-year-old Doug was so emphatic that their almost no doubt: our Laura lies with the VRT clearly in the upper slider to go to Stockholm. Young and malleable: so they like to see the Boulevard Reyers.

Would her victory a drama? No, not at all. The chance that we are going to make us ridiculous as with Axel Mozzer ‘ Hirsoux ‘ is nil. What’s the Pressure is a cheerful, crowdpleasing huppel song with a sound that is currently well in the European market. Provided that a good act, is the final feasible.

The bass line has quite close to Another One Bites the Dust , but who cares. As long as it’s not plagiarism – and so smart they are, however, at VRT – can be a high visibility just a plus on the Eurovision song contest. Heroes of the current champion Måns Zelmerlöw was supposedly also picked a Avicii-hit; It has the Swede. Not that we expect the Selah Sue-cast-off victorieuze What’s the Pressure the same destiny. For this is the number too middle of the road, too fun-but-quite-ordinary. The literally Orgasmic reactions of occasional jury BJ Scott and Tom Helsen let us on their behalf – they could inboren the ground difficult every number of course.

As Laura the picks, and we assume, there will be quiet in addition, still a lot of work to be done to the young girl to prepare against the stress that goes with such a Eurovision participation. We can only hope that her snot flow of the reason was that they took out half of her nuts not Sunday.

zesDennis Van Goethem, music reviewer Het nieuwsblad

We doubt even, when the dear Lady of this website our asked the Flemish eurosong candidates for a listen. Because cru said, we don’t have much with the Eurovision song contest. What memorable material has that yearly bach anal us the last decades again? Correct Yes. A knee crank, a corpulent opera singer and an attempt-to-corpulenter of pedanitos – if possible – Sergio. Oh, very well then, because they so sweet asked.

In recent months pumped our public broadcaster zuurverdiend us tax money in five young talents that need to Duke it out which of them should go on a Swedish stage warble. Sure we thought not that candidates – leftovers from previous talent contests and sympathetic nobody’s – masters of the neo-classicism, but even to eurosong-not exactly high culture standards deliver this choir kids away. One change the other rehashed recipe , and a personality of its own in any one got far.

Fortunately there Laura Tesoro: who has at least one more ride. That, along with the best voice and most infectious song, delivers her onzentewege’s a pat on the back and a one-way ticket to Sweden on the Leuven klassewijf. Selah Sue buckled under What’s the Pressure, but Laura did especially one of her B-sides gift. Both musical – uptempo soul and easily digestible blazers – as in the hoarse vocal lines, the stamp of the Crazy Vibes-singer to the surface, but very authentic feel not Laura’s version. Also we miss enough power, let alone show resistance, in Laura’s voice. A slightly more powerful funk song in the style of Nile Rodgers would better go off, maybe even more seriousness. But well, that’s the way it is: a solid melody and above-average voice shows off soon today with gold. That horrible break we forget but equally.

Maybe it’s just us the least typical omdàt Laura songfestivalact, seems that they like most. The still but 19-year-old runner-up of The Voice of Flanders did as only an attempt to her audience slightly on the hand . But enough to convince a frenzied arena in Sweden, is that sure yet. Hopefully show them the act with the Chair and flirted with the camera – vicarious shame was our part –.

In the land of the blind Laura has the strongest number in your pocket. Now even a strong act, and they should almost certainly her bags. Unless the underdog, this time in the form of a certain Tom, already WINS. Poor Little Belgium.