Belgium: ‘What’s The Pressure’ gets revamped radioversion

Laura Tesoro, the Belgian candidate for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, has recorded a revamped radioversion of her song. Belgian broadcaster VRT confirmed the news to our website.

According to VRT, the Belgian singer went to London to meet her producer Peter Gorendo. Together, they made some minor changes to What’s The Pressure, the Belgian entry. Laura wanted to make her song stronger and better. They revamped the song and did some fine-tuning in the recording studio. We don’t have to expect big changes. The chorus, melody and music remains untouched.

Laura’s team and VRT haven’t made announcements regarding the presentation of the videocip, but it’s expected to be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

Tesoro gave her fans some updates of her time in the London studio:

Somewhere in London, in the smallest studio I've ever been 󾍔 #thisiswherethemagichappens #whatsthepressure

Geplaatst door Laura Tesoro op maandag 29 februari 2016