Geena Lisa and Kate Ryan together honor Ann Christy and Yasmine

* Automatically translated *

Singers Geena Lisa and Kate Ryan will soon be on tour together! During their concerts they bring tribute to two Flemish singers whose music still touches us, namely that of Ann Christy and Yasmine. There comes a summer tour and also in 2018 come there shows.

Geena, participant in 2008 to eurosongand Eurovision singer Kate Ryan, under the name Deep in me … The rose their own tribute to two died prematurely singers. Deep inside me refers to the hit of Yasmine, in 2006 she was in the jury of eurosong. Kate Ryan won that year. The second part of the title, the roseof course, links to the classic of Ann Christy. She took over in 1975 with happy part in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Kate and Geena will during their unique ‘ experience ‘ a tribute concert with the most beautiful songs of Ann and Yasmine. The summer tour runs the entire month of July. In 2018 they resume their series of concerts in the theatre. Exact dates and locations will be announced soon.

For Geena Lisa, who lost a very good friend with Yasmine, the performances will be a emotional roller coaster . That they already wrote on facebook:

wat kijk ik hier naar uit!Het wordt een emotionele, hartverwarmende muzikale rollercoaster.Dood ben je pas als niemand…

Geplaatst door Geena Lisa op dinsdag 7 februari 2017