Xandee with serious heart problems in hospital

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It’s not going well with Xandee, singer in 2004, our candidate in the song festival in Turkey. She underwent two heart operations in recent days, but both failed. Her family and friends are now very concerned to the former singer of Touch Of Joy.

‘ The surgery is Wednesday failed ‘, says Sandy’s friend Jorgen D in the news journal. “Recovery of the heart valve was insufficient ‘. Also ran a second procedure error. ‘ Her heart started to enterthe ‘ explains Jorgen. ‘ The surgeon has resolutely opted for a new valve, but her heart has a serious bite. Hopefully restores them now though. She is not on intensive, but in the operating room. It is now hoped that everything ‘ on his solid ‘ comes, but we still have a long way to go. ‘

Sandy Boets, the real name of Xandee, suffered a while with heart problems which surgery could not lack. ‘ Have a lot of nerves and am a bit afraid, but am here in the hospital in good hands ‘, wrote the singer just before the surgery even on facebook. In the meantime they receive through social media a lot of messages of support from friends, family and fans.

In the meantime, we know that the sympathetic singer to the better hand . Xandee still resides on intensive, but hopes to move quickly to a regular room. I know that me another long rehabilitation awaits ‘, she says to the latest news. ‘ Presumably three months, but that doesn’t bother me. I’m going to adjust my lifestyle also aware what. I will get a list with what else I can and cannot eat. In the past I always wanted salt on my food, but that will probably no longer be allowed ‘, she laughs. In All Day to read that Xandee is the victim of some medical blunders.

Xandee in the Eurovision song contest of 2004: