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Malta WINS Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015

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Destiny Chukunyere from Malta has just won the 13th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Not My Soul! Malta managed both televoters as the national juries to win and received 185 points. Armenia and Slovenia respectively on a second and third place and completed as the winner’s podium.

Seventeen countries took part in the song contest which took place in the Arena tonight Armeec in Sofia, Bulgaria. Australia and Ireland and Albania and Macedonia debuted made a comeback. The Bulgarian singer Poli Genovain 2011, which participated in the song festival, knew the show to talk to each other in all kinds of different outfits. During one of the interval acts they also sang a song about her dress. Brian also Todorova, the runner-up, and Vincenzo Cantiello, the winner of the Junior Eurovisionsongfestival 2014, we got to see, and they both sang their entry from last year.

Neck-and-neck race

At the end of the evening knew Destiny Chukunyere from Malta the trophy with him to home. Malta took it in a thrilling neck-and-neck race of Armenia. Debutants Ireland and Australia remained considerably below expectations and stranded on an eighth and twelfth place. The Dutch Shalisa was only fifteenth.

Not everything about the show was unfortunately according to a hitch. The audio of the official livestream on YouTube a long time of the show didn’t so that some songs were not audible for the online viewers. The commentators tried to solve this technical problem to some extent by the sound of the arena through their microphone, with a very bad audio quality that was barely audible.


It is already known that the entries for the Junior Eurovision 2016 in Netherlands already open are no longer there and that the children have to write their own song, but with a cover of a (junior) Eurovision Song. Germany will also make his debut in the edition of 2016 – perhaps that hinting the commentator of the livestream on the German Eurovision site.

Or Malta will organize the next edition, is not yet known.

The complete results:

01. Malta: Destiny Chukunyere – Not My Soul (185)
02. Armenia: Mika-Love (176)
03. Slovenia: Lina Kuduzović – Prva ljubezen (112)
04. Belarus: Ruslan Aslanov – Volshebstvo (105)
05. Albania: Mishela Rapo – you Dumba (93)
06. Russia: Mikhail Smirnov – Mechta (80)
07. Serbia: Lena Stamenković – Lenina pesma (79)
08. Australia: Bella Paige – My Girls (64)
09. Bulgaria: Gabriela Yordanova – The Colour of Hope (62)
10. Georgia: The Virus – Gabede (51)
11. Ukraine: Anna Trincher – Pochny z sebe (38)
12. Ireland: Aimee Banks – Réalta na mara (36)
13. Montenegro: Jana Mirković – Oluja (36)
14. San Marino: Kamilla Ismailova – Mirror (36)
15. Netherlands: Shalisa – Million Lights (35)
16. Italy Chiara & Martina Scarpari – Viva (34)
17. (FYR) Macedonia: Ivana & Magdalena – Platenka (26)

The winner: