Kiev 2017


Host city song festival 2017 finally announced … Or maybe not?

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After much deliberation, the EBU and the Ukrainian national broadcaster NTU give press conference in which they finally redeeming the host city for the Eurovision song contest would make known. Nothing was further from the truth, since the Conference just before the broadcast was cancelled.

Barely an hour before the broadcast, the Council of ministers of the EBU to the Conference in which they would announce the host city of the Eurovision Song Contest, to call off. NTU confirmed this and reported that there are still some final important details remain where no certainty yet about is. It remains the most important decision with a view to the Organization of the songs festival, so there may be no urgency. According to the boss of the NTU the twitterer ESCKAZ reports that it is a enthralled is between Kiev and Odessa. This would mean that Dnipro already out of the fight.

The many fans who have long been waiting for the redeeming news, express their frustrations in social media with the hashtag #whowillhost. On twitter already dived many funny posts on: