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KIEV 2017

Submission ‘ Keep the Faith ‘ contains clear political message

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Singer Tako Gachechiladze will represent Georgia at the Eurovision song contest in Ukraine by 2017, but her song and act provide already for furrowed brows. Both the text of the song as the videowalls will be shown during the action, contain no uncertain political messages. Moreover, it is not the first time that the singer with a political submission to the song contest want to participate. The EBU has already been asked or they will act against the song and act. The same thing happened last year with Sauma 1944 of winner.

Keep the Faith is the song of Albania after only the second chosen song 2017. Later that night there came from Belarus at the song yet. About Georgia’s entry is a lot more to say. The text of the ballad is as follows:

Keep the faith, keep the faith. Remember you are not alone. Hold my hand and come along. You keep the faith, keep the faith. Don’t let nobody turn you down. Even if the world is rough.

That singer Tako like for world peace and hope would worry, is clear. Such songs are often passed through on the Eurovision Song Contest. Nothing new so. It is especially the video wall that for turmoil . Here are some images from the live performance during the national final:

It is particularly this last image that may be unacceptable. It is a clear reference to the political conflict between Russia and Georgia in 2008. ‘ Georgia falls within Russia ‘, is there to read. The other images are clearly about politics and war. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is not a fan of such entries.

We Don’t Wanna Put In

There know Tako besides everything from. In 2009 the Georgians remained in extremis at home because of political reasons: the local Eurovision heat was won by group Stephane & 3 g (with Tako Gachechiladze in it) and their song entitled We Don’t Wanna Put In, a not too subtle reference to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his aggressive military policy in the Georgian South Ossetia in the summer of 2008. The EBU had required that broadcasting GPB or the selected text changed or a different number, on which the GPB decided to stay home.


The EBU Takes measures?

On the internet is all that the EBU asked is whether they will take measures related to the Georgian entry. 1944, the song that eventually won the contest last year Sauma for Ukraine, was also quite controversial. The Organization undertook when nothing but soon felt Russia endorsed. Also now the Russians attacked.

Judgement especially itself: