Kiev 2017


large part Committee Eurovision 2017 resigns

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A total of 21 members of the Committee appointed to the Organization of the Eurovision song contest in Kiev are resigned. This is apparent from a letter that the departed persons have written to the Ukrainian broadcaster NTU. Among the people who have taken resignation are also Oleksandr Kharebin and Victoria Roma nova, the proposed executive producers for the Eurovision song contest in Kiev.

In this letter, we read that since december no progression is posted after a new ‘ Main song festival ‘ has been appointed. This person has full control over everything what has to do with the festival. In the Ukrainian press we read that all works on the location, European club, tv production and many other things are quiet for months and there is still no signed contracts.

EBU Statement

Last week ran the ticket sales already in the hundreds because the contract with the ticket seller was cancelled by a Committee against monopolies. Meanwhile, the EBU through Jon Ola Sand confirmed that ticket sales will start on 14 February. The EBU has submitted a statement about this dismissed the world in which they say not to be able to respond to the staffing problems at the broadcaster. There will soon be more news about the new core team. Ukrainian broadcaster NTU has not yet responded to the message.