Kiev 2017

KIEV 2017

‘ Eurovision 2017 in Odessa ‘

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Odessa is the host city of the Eurovision Song Contest by 2017. That claim local Ukrainian media at least. Tomorrow would be the occasion of their official publication.

According to a local newspaper in Odessa has the organizing team, consisting of Ukrainian politicians, chosen for Odessa as location of the next song festival. The reason why previous press moments to the host city to disclose were cancelled, could be due to Vitali Klitschko. He is the Mayor of the capital, Kiev, the other city still in the race to the Organization, and did have already complained about the State of affairs in his home country. Klitschko would have exerted pressure on the Organizing Committee to cancel the earlier revelation time and to review their decision, in favor of his city Kiev.

Still according to the media would a number of politicians and journalists from State media early voorbijgepraat have their mouths. Only the official announcement Tomorrow would follow in a new press conference, this time hopefully be continuing as planned.

Odessa is a port city in the southern part of Ukraine, and with just over a million inhabitants the third biggest city of the country. If the news is confirmed, the location the Chornomorets Stadium (photo), a football stadium for football matches more than 30,000 visitors can handle. How many Eurovision fans in may, is not yet known.