Kiev 2017

KIEV 2017

Jazz Singer M. Bárta chosen as Eurovision singer

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Singer M. Bárta has been chosen to represent the Czech Republic in the Eurovision song contest in Kiev. 4 to the Bar, the German band where Martina is a member, has on his website and social media posted a message stating that their singer is chosen as a candidate. A day later, confirmation. Song My Turn came out on Monday 6 March.

Martina is a jazz singer who can play a special instrument: the Horn! She sings for the German jazz band 4 to the Bar. It’s that band that has made known that their singer will represent the Czech Republic in the Eurovision song contest in May. The publication was foreseen for March, but the band announced already in February. Later they both removed their FB post as article. There is a printscreen.

Earlier Czech Eurovision team placed a picture on facebook with the announcement that both the artist if the song would be announced soon. It is not clear whether they were satisfied with the timing of Martina’s band.

Interpreta vám představíme společně s písní, na které v tuto chvíli pracujeme v londýnském nahrávacím studiu! Už se nemůžeme dočkat 😎

Geplaatst door Eurovision Song Contest Czech Republic op dinsdag 14 februari 2017

About the song that Martina will sing was at its publication not very much known. It is an English-language ballad and produced by a foreign team. The broadcaster received around 300 songs and put together a top 5 together. Link to suitable artists to those songs they went eventually to the ideal combination. My Turn, so hot the song, came out on Monday 6 March.

Listen here to the entry of the country: