five songs in the race for Kiev

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In the Czech Republic this month still took the plunge on the song and the artist for Kiev. This reports the Czech Eurovision site escportal.cz.

The site spoke with Martin Broz, the head of delegation of the Czech Republic in the Eurovision song contest. At the end of november last year, the open registration of the broadcaster ČT closed. There were over three hundred entries, the highest number ever for the country. A special jury now has five songs, and one of those will be sung in Kiev under the Czech flag.

At the moment, No artistshear numbers: the broadcaster is currently in negotiations with different singers to get them to link to selected songs. It is not yet published exactly when and how the entry will be presented to the public.

The increased interest has arisen after the Central European country last year securing the win for the first time in its history to the final of the Eurovision song contest. Singer Gabriela Gunčíková (photo) went into the final turn, with a next-to-last place. I Stand even got no point of European viewers at home.