Brequette towering favorite to fans

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The 31-year-old, in Cape Town born singer Cassie is Brequette with No Enemy popular with many Eurovisiefan. She missed on one her after the song festival in 2014, when she was second with an equal number of points in the Spanish heat.

Ruth Lorenzo (who got more votes from the audience) went to Copenhagen and Brequette was left with a fan base more … and disillusionment. Not that the singer is sit down proves itself by the fact that they are in the backing vocals of Spain in 2016 sang and that now they will come back with a new song for 2017. It explains the large number of fans and makes Brequette to towering favorite in order to represent Spain in Kiev.

In 2017, the popular Brequette so back with the title No Enemy, a song that she and Barei, the Spanish representative of last year, and Ruben Villanueva wrote. The song was presented at the end of november 2016 and enthusiastically received by the fans. #NoEnemy and #Brequette were in the first days of trending topics on twitter and her YouTube video was viewed up to 75,000 times in one week time.  Yet all do 29 other songs with it, we wonder what other artist her throne in Spain still may strike in the European casting? If the singer is to struggle by these online music competition know they may participate in the real Spanish in February for round for Eurovision 2017.

Her entry for 2017:


Who is Brequette?!

Brequette Shane Cassie, better known as just Brequette, is a South African singer, songwriter and dancer who is resident in the Canary Islands. In the popular television program The Voice, took them in 2012 the semi-final. The general public learned her because of this. Her first single, Más (Run), from the heat of 2014 was a big hit. Then came the singer with the second single Puzzle Together, which the slightly less well in the charts. Also after the third single On my own, it was not quiet around Brequette. She was intact as a jury member in talent competitions, she had a role in the film Palmeras en la Nieve and she was part of the Spanish delegation in Stockholm in 2016 as a backup singer.

The singer in the preliminary round by 2014:



Photo:, RTVE