Spain-María Villalón has two Eurovision songs ready

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The popular singer María Villalón in Spain smoking would like to represent her home country in the Eurovision Song Contest. In an interview with reveals the young lady that she already has two songs ready that she wants to submit to Spanish broadcaster.

For several years after the Spanish singer thinks about a possible participation in the popular song contest. However, the situation for next year otherwise. María has two songs already recorded and which songs they would like to speak to those responsible at RTVE, the Spanish national radio and television. Spanish submission this year for the first time Barei sang a full English language song in the Eurovision song contest, but two Spanish-language songs Villalón has on offer. How sound those potential entries then? According to the singer, are the songs that have a ‘ very Spanish vibe ‘, but we must not expect hardcore flamenco . In 2016 , she was in the running to take part in the national Eurovision final of Spain, but she got her participation in time around.

María Villalón broke in by Spain during the first season of Factor X (the Spanish version of X-Factor) won and subsequently scored some hits. She continued to release albums and wrote since its victory even though a youth book. In addition, the young lady also violinist. One of her most famous singles is Agüita de Abril. In the interview with Eurovision-María says that they like with such a number would participate in the Eurovision song contest.