Meanwhile, in Israel: 32 candidates still in the running

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Already since early december last year in Israel runs a talent show that will indicate the appropriate songfestivalkandiaat for that country. The show now comes in a stroomversrnelling.

The Next Star of Eurovision is a cooperation between the State broadcaster IBA and the commercial network Keshet. Last year beat both channels together, and that approach paid off: for the first time in ten years time Israel took out the top-10 of the rankings. On the last song festival in Vienna finished the 16-year-old Nadav Ganesan eighth with his song Golden Boy.

Keshet also offers now display the broadcasts of the talent show. Last weekend were the ninth and tenth broadcast finished. After more than a month of auditions in front of a jury and the Israeli viewers, 32 names still in the race. One of them will be bombed on a yet unknown date to the new Eurovision participant of the country. The list looks like this:

Oded Sharabi
Eliana Lubinki
Kiara Duple
Nofar Salman
Hovi Star
Ela Daniel
Noam & Yael Cohen
Gn F
Dave Rubin
Sapir Kakoon
Evyatar Tzadok
Uriel Aharoni
Sharon Fartuk
Maya Bernadski
Maya Smirnov
Yoni Grayev
Maor Gamliel
Shira Becker Goldshtein
Gil Chadash
“Velma” (Matan Velner & Them Elmakias)
Kim Segal
Talsha (Tal Shachar Ben Ari)
Avi Eilot (S) & Shvachya Bat Israel
Ron Buchnik
Hana Edri
Shlomi Levi
Eylon Ftachya
Adi Achrack
Duet Almanor
National Marlboro Zafran
Meir Green

It is still unknown when exactly we know the winning name. We do know that Harel Skaat with it in the control room is: the singer who in 2010 fourteenth ended with Milim is one of the four judges in the talent show.