Gordon: ‘ René Froger has a drinking problem ’

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Gordon has on Dutch television commented on his time at the top ones. ‘ I have the most horrible things, that man has such enormous drinking problem, “he said about Topper René Froger. And that’s not the only “unveiling” that Gallagher did.

Until 2011, Gordon part of the Topper, a band with Gerard Joling and Rene Froger which in 2009 to the Eurovision song contest in Moscow. Jeroen van der Boom now replaces Gordon. During a broadcast of the program Jeroen Pauw, 5 years later, Gordon did some remarkable statements about his ex-colleagues.

Thus, René Froger a serious drinking problem . ‘ Everyone and everything is rotten in the book ‘, says Gallagher. “It’s terrifying. ‘ Also Jeroen and Gerard would be getting in trouble. ‘ But who play nice weather. Everytime I see them on television, I know how it is: monstrous. They protect each other. I have there is said to be. ‘

The addiction of Froger would have been the reason why Gordon walked out: ‘ working under great pressure conflicts. But it depends from person to person how dealt with. ‘ Jeroen van der Boom would also have to with the top ones at Gordon urged to stop.

Despite these strong statements, Froger no complaint. ‘ Gordon did his statements in an opinion program ‘, it sounds at the Toppers-management. ‘ It is only his opinion and the roads of Gordon and the Toppers have long been separated. In any case, we wish him happy holidays and a prosperous 2016! ‘

Pregnant woman

In addition to the accusations against Froger, Gordon also revealed something about his love life. According to the singer wants to but not succeed a long-term relationship because the attention in the media and fame take their toll.

Apart from that, Gordon five years ago had a brief relationship with a woman who was pregnant by him. They decided to remove the child. He also revealed to have had a relationship with another woman in the past ten years.

Farewell concert (with the Toppers)

Gordon announced last month that he put a point behind his musical career. In november 2016 gives the singer still two farewell concerts and normally the top ones should be present.

AVRO TROS in the meantime made known to a musical tribute to Gordon did not immediately. He said in the same talk show that he had found such a show would be nice. ‘ They said: you are RTL, RTL that late but nice. But that is still, quite apart from my singing career and that they do not see. ‘