Romania does not take part in Eurovision 2016

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TVR, the Romanian State broadcaster, reports on his website that the debts that he at the EBU has so large that the Romanians may not appear as if the contest would be able to participate this year. The EBU has meanwhile indicated that the country is indeed should be back.

The debts that TVR has at the EBU go pretty. The chance exists so that a Moment of Silence will have to be held for the Romanian songfestivalkandidaat, Ovidiu Anton. His participation may be refused and the broadcaster would not get even the permission to broadcast the contest.

Those were the messages that were sent a few days ago the world in. Today announced that Romania was indeed from the contest is put. They also get no longer have access to facilities that the EBU members get normally in the field of broadcasting rights. Ingrid Deltenre, Director-General of the EBU, says very disappointed, but that the various attempts to find a solution for the Romanian broadcaster TVR on failures and nothing that they have nothing else can then exclude the broadcasting.

Many implications

This exclusion has best what consequences for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. With 42 participating countries instead of 43 equals the organization not record their participants. The official songfestivalcd showing all the songs of this year is already in production and the Romanian contribution so still on. Out of respect for the artist will the song too on the digital track list of the cd.

For the Belgian entry there is ‘ a little ‘ good news, because Laura has now one competitor minder, because Ovidiu took part in the second semifinal. In it are still 18 participants. The running order will continue to be preserved. After Slovenia is now Bulgaria’s turn.

Listen to Moment of Silence, the Romanian entry that we will not get to see: